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Precision Medical is redefining the future of medical supplies with a holistic approach to providing high-quality PPE and medical products at an unbeatable cost. At Precision Medical, we provide a complete solution for all your medical product needs. From high-quality and lower cost PPE to logistics, warehousing, & distribution services, our team is here to help protect your organization.


Total Supply Chain Solutions –
A Holistic Approach to Medical Supplies

We understand the importance of having reliable and secure medical products for your organization. That’s why we provide a total care solution that ensures you have access to high-quality PPE at lower costs. Plus, our team will take care of all the logistics to warehousing and distribution services so you can focus on other tasks. With our holistic approach, you can rest assured that your supply chain is in safe hands.


At Precision Medical, we look at your medical product needs from a holistic standpoint. We make sure you have the right products when you need them with minimal hassle and effort. With our team taking care of everything from procurement to delivery, you can rest assured knowing that everything is taken care of. We provide more than just purchasing products off the shelf – we take care of logistics, warehousing, and distribution to ensure a comprehensive solution for your medical needs.

Cost Saving Solutions –
High Quality & Lower Cost PPE

At Precision Medical, we only source the best quality products for our customers at competitive prices. Our team has strong relationships with suppliers around the world to ensure that we can offer lower costs without sacrificing quality. Finding affordable medical products can be a daunting task but not with Precision Medical! We provide cost saving solutions so you can get the best quality products at an affordable price point - saving you time and money in the long run! We also understand how important it is to have access to high quality and low cost PPE for healthcare organizations. That’s why we strive to offer the most competitive prices on PPE and medical products to provide you the best value for your money.

Helping More Organizations
Across Canada

With our commitment to providing quality and cost effective medical supplies, we are helping more organizations in Canada get access to the medical supplies they need when they need them.


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